Square Dancing

"Greet your partner and promenade!"

Schedule a square dance with Loosely Strung!
With our very talented and experienced caller, Betty Wingerter, we offer you a wide assortment of familiar square dances such as Red River Valley, Birdie in the Cage, Take a Little Peek, Dip for the Oyster,
Bumpsie Daisy, the Virginia Reel, and the Grand March.

Frequently asked questions

What's the best age for a square dance?  Any age!  Better is comfortable working with youth, adults, and combinations of both. 

What if we are all beginners?  Betty mixes fun and instruction together.  She can have beginners square dancing in a few minutes.

What is so great about square dancing?  Square Dancing is healthy!  It's good for your brain and your body!
When you learn to dance, you use your brain to understand what is being said. You then convert this foreign language into something useful. As you move around the sqaure you will learn more and get more confidence.  You will (hopefully) move faster/quicker.

So, call  us at 614-237-5574 or e-mail at looselystrung@gmail.com

A little background:  Ted was part of Gene Parson's popular central Ohio square dance band, Heritage, for more than 40 years. When Gene decided to retire from playing for square dances a few years ago, Ted missed the fun.  Oh, he kept busy as Loosly Strung's banjo player, but he missed the square dances. 

So, when Loosely Strung was asked if they play for square dances Ted thought we should do it.  We invited experienced caller Betty Wingerter from the Dayton area, a long-time friend of Jackie's, to work with us.  Betty has been teaching and calling square dances for more than 20 years.