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Loosely Strung Selected Past Gigs,


Summer Concert Series at the Steele Memorial Bandstand (Central Park) Lakeside, OH

August 16 (6-7:30 pm) Sunday 

Beautiful location, great audience! Our thanks to everyone who recommended us.

  Put-in-Bay Twilight Music Series  (at Perry's Monument)

August 5 (7-8:30 pm) Wednesday

It was so much fun!  Check out our extra page of photos in our photo album (on the home page)

Scottie's Coffee & Tea House (660 S, High St, Worthington)

 July 28 (7:30-9:30 pm) Tuesday 
                   This is one of Ted's regular music venues on Tuesday evenings. While Palmer and the other flat pickers were out of town,

                      we provided the music and had a good time doing it.  We appreciated seeing friends who stopped by.

Lilyfest at Rockbridge in the Hocking Hills

July 11 (10 - 11:45 am) Saturday  

Once again, we were ahead of the rain and had a great time.  Put this event on your calendar for 2010.

Master Gardeners Celebration at the Ohio Governor's Residence

July 19 (2-4 pm) Saturday

In addition to playing for all the dedicated OSU Master Gardeners who were being honored that afternoon,

we played for two governors and their wives -- Gov. Strickland and former Gov. Taft.  First ladies Francis Strickland and Hope Taft

enthusiastically support the Master Gardeners and the wonderful work they have been doing for many years at the governor's residence.

Harmony in the Park Music Series at Gazebo Park, Delaware

July 19 (7-8:30 pm) Sunday

It's always good to see Rob Montgomery, regional reviewer for the Almost Monthly Almost Bluegrass Review in the audience when we're playing.

We're never sure what he will think.  This year his comments were kind (we think) when he wrote, "Some things never change. Sometimes

that's good and sometimes that is not good. As I listened to Loosely Strung move through their songs I was reminded of that."

Eagle Lodge concert


June 20 (8-12 midnight) Saturday

Pearl Farmers Market

Pearl & Lynn Alleys, Downtown Columbus just North of State House

June 19 (10:30-1 pm) Friday

North Market

Columbus Short North

June 13 (9-11am)Saturday

Bowen House Concert Series

Logan  --  To read about it, click here

June 6 (7:30-9 pm) Saturday

 Goodwill Picnic

 Private Party

May 30 (12-2) Sunday

 Concert the night before the Encampment Click here for details about the 2-day event (and see our photo)

Century Village in Grove City

April 24 (7-8:30 pm) Friday     

This was fun!

 Cheshire Market, Pizza, & Bait Store (Galena at the corner of Africa & Cheshire Roads)

May 1 (7-10 pm) Friday

We always look forward to playing at Cheshire and are never disappointed.

North Market in the Columbus Short North

May 2 (1-3 pm) Saturday

Flowers and vegetable plants and Loosely Strung -- a good Saturday afternoon combination!

 Friends of Chadwick Plant Pre-sale & Auction at OSU, Columbus

May 7 (6-9 pm) Thursday

One of our favorite places to play -- it's always great.  This year the weather cooperated, too.

Upper Arlington Library Music Series

May 8 (7-8:30 pm)  Friday

This was our first time in this music series and we loved it!



Buckeye Valley Local Schools Athletic Programs Fundraiser (Delaware)

May 9 (4-6:30 pm) Saturday

Moving inside the high school because of high winds didn't bother the generosity of the crowd or our music.



Flying Scots Regatta Party near Westerville

May 16 (5-9 pm) Saturday

This is an annual event for us. We know summer is almost here.



 Pearl & Lynn Farmers Market - Opening Day Downtown Columbus

May 19 (10:30-1 pm) Tuesday

Mayor Coleman welcomed everyone to the 2009 market and we entertained the visitors with our tunes.



Women's Service Clubs Regional Conference

DoubleTree Hotel, Dayton (Private Party)

March 14 (7-9 pm) Saturday  

This was so much fun! Betty called square dances and everyone was dancing! This was a group who contribute so much to their local

 communities having some fun.  Thanks for including Loosely Strung.       



Benefit at VFW in West Jefferson 

March 15 (1 pm - ?) Sunday

We helped to raise more than $7500 for a very worthy cause. We appreciated being invited.



 Kensington St. Patrick's Day celebration East Columbus Area

March 21 (1-3 pm) Saturday

What can we say about this capacity crowd except we loved being part of the afternoon.

It was a quality event -- wonderful people, great food, and notable music (us)!



 Cheshire Market, Pizza, & Bait Store

Galena (corner of Africa & Cheshire Roads)

January 9 (7-10 pm) Friday

What an evening! We had a great audience who stayed with us 'til the end.  This is why we love to play at the Cheshire.



North Market in the Short North

October 4 (2-4pm) Saturday

This is one of our favorite places to play. We're looking forward to 2009.



National Well  Drillers Association Annual Meeting

October 9 (6-8:30 pm) Thursday

Our friend Al joined us for some of his favorite tunes.  Have you heard? Al is a new grandpa!


Oakland Nursery  -- Delaware Center

October 11(time TBA) Saturday

This place was jam-packed with beautiful plants and our music.  What a combo!



Fall Festival at Slate Run Metro Park in Canal Winchester

October 18 (4-6pm) Saturday

It was a beautiful fall afternoon. We loved the idea of our music drifting across the fields and ponds.



Leeds Pumpkin Farm Festival, Ostrander

October 19 (12-5 pm) Sunday

This was too much fun -- a destination for pumpkin lovers!  


 Kensington Place Open House

November 8 (1-3 pm) Saturday

Great place, terrific audience!


First Friday at Sandusky Street Antiques in Delaware

October 3 (6-9:30 pm) Friday

We were fondly described as some old people playing some old songs among some old things. 

We were having so much fun we forgot to take a break.


SwampFest at the Olentangy River Wetland Research Park

September 25 (5-7 pm) Thurs

This was quite an event -- President Gee and other university leadership attended to

honor the Wetlands as the newest Ramsar Site, a wetland of international importance.


North Market

September 20 (10-12noon) Saturday

We look forward to playing here and we are never disappointed.


Farm Science Review in the Utzinger Gardens (Madison County)

September 17 (10-2 pm) Wednesday

What a place! It was fun being there!


Jack Hanna's Fall Festival at the Columbus Zoo

September 13 & 14 (12 noon, 2 pm, 4 pm) Saturday

Although we had heavy winds like much of Ohio we kept playing until our tent became airborne and Jackie

 could no longer keep her upright bass upright. Until that moment we were having a great time!


Tecumseh Land Trust Dinner and Auction at the Springfield Museum of Art

September 5 (5-9 pm) Friday

We hope the guests enjoy our music as much as we enjoy being part of this fundraiser.


Harmony in the Park Music Series in Delaware

 August 31 (7-8 pm) Sunday

This is one of our favorite's a Delaware tradition and we love being part of it.


Bexley Block Party at Jeffrey Park

 August 31 (3-4 pm) Sunday

We were happy to see our Bexley String Band friends in the audience!


Church of the Savior -- an evening of gospel music

August 24 (7-8:30pm) Sunday

We enjoyed this evening and think our next CD may be gospel music.  Photos soon to come


Bexley Farmers Market Festival

August 16 (10-12:30 pm) Saturday

It seemed bigger and better than ever this year. We were set up in the lawn area just west of

the Bexley City Hall steps.  It was cool and pleasant.


Festival at UA Farmers Market

 August 6 (4-6 pm) Wednesday

We had a good day -- a nice group of little ones danced and enjoyed our tunes.


Amphitheater -- Natural Resources Area -- Ohio State Fair

August 4 (5-5:45pm) Monday 

Today was better than Thursday.  The sound guys were terrific.  It's a great location!


Gateway Garden Jubilee -- Springfield (OSU Extension Clark County Office)

August 2 (9-12 noon) Saturday 

We were not disappointed -- again.  This was the 10th annual Jubilee and it is better than ever.
The Clark County Master Gardeners' Demonstration Gardens Open House. hosted the event with its beautiful gardens, expert gardening advice and hotdogs...everything was FREE!!!


First Friday at Sandusky Street Antiques in Downtown Delaware

August 1 (6-8:30 pm) Friday

We were pleased when  Rob Montgomery, critic for the Almost Monthly Almost Bluegrass Review magazine stopped by. "I saw your schedule," he explained, "and it's been awhile.  I wanted to see if you've improved.  You can catch my review in the next edition of Almost Bluegrass.


Nationwide Farmers Market (Corner of W. Nationwide Blvd & N High St

August 1 (11-2 pm) Friday

This is a little oasis in hot downtown Columbus.  It's cool and breezy and we play fully acoustically

 (no electricity around).


Amphitheater -- Natural Resources Area -- Ohio State Fair

July 31 (5-5:45pm) Thursday 

On a hot, sticky day at the state fair, this was the place to be.  Smokey the Bear talked with Ted about his hot banjo picking and the potential danger of starting a forest fire. Ted promised to be careful.


Galena United Methodist Church BBQ

July 26 (5-7 pm) Saturday

You should see their new church! The food was as good as it always is and the AC is outstanding.

We love being part of this event.


Summer Music Series in Logan

July 25 (7-8:30 pm) Friday  

There is something authentic about playing bluegrass style music in the southern Ohio hills. It's just plain fun!


Village at Creekside (Private)

July 10 (7-8 pm) Thursday

We truly enjoy this audience -- it is fun to play for them!


Upper Arlington Farmers Market Opening Day

July 9 (4-6 pm) Wednesday

We're now located at the corner of N Mall Dr and Arlington Ave -- a perfect spot for us!


 Pickerington Heritage Celebration

July 5(3-7pm) Saturday

We were in Victory Park and it was quite an event! Pickerington knows how to have a celebration.  There were blacksmiths, weavers, and other pioneer craftsmen demonstrating their skills. 


Flying Scots Regatta at Hoover Sailing Club

May 17 (5:30-9 pm) Saturday

The Flying Scots love to sail and party. We're looking forward to 2009!


Buckeye Valley Athletic Boosters BBQ

May 10 (4-6:30 pm) Saturday

You should have been there. This is destined to be a wonderful annual community event.

We loved being part of it.


Union County Ducks Unlimited

February 2 (6 - 10 pm) Saturday


Cheshire Market, Pizza & Bait Store

January 11 (7 - 10 pm)


        Creekside at the Village (Private Party) Bexley

Thursday Nov 29, 7 pm

Great evening! Great audience!


  Gahanna Group Christmas Party (Private Party)

 Saturday, December 1, 7-8:30 pm

Friends, Food, and Fun!


 Cheshire Market, Pizza & Bait Shop

 Africa and Cheshire Roads in Galena (Delaware County)

Friday, November 16, 7:30 pm

 It was good to be back at Cheshire.  The people and the pizza haven't changed --

everything was good!  Thanks, Cheshire!


    Oakleaf Retirement  Center (Private Party)

Friday, November 9, 3-4pm

A good time for everyone!


Slate Run Fall Fest (near Canal Winchester)

Sunday, October 28, 2-5 pm  

 Several thousand people enjoyed the perfect fall weather (and our music) at this unique Metro Park.

Even Smokey the Bear made an appearance.


North Market - Harvest Festival

Saturday, October 6, 2-4 pm

Another good afternoon!


Private Party at Blacklick Woods

Wednesday, Oct 3, 5-7 pm

Jackie brought her new (well, new to her) upright bass.  Now she needs to buy a van!


Delaware County Fair Sunday

September 16, 5-6:30 pm

A perfect afternoon


Jack Hanna Fall Fest at the Columbus Zoo

Saturday, September 15, 11-5 pm

We had fun.  Ted did try to talk to the animals.  I thought I saw Dan chatting with a few, too.


Pearl Alley Farmers Market

Tuesday, September 11, 10:30 - 1 pm

It felt like autumn with cool winds blowing through the alleys!

Tecumseh Land Trust Dinner and Auction

Friday, September 7,  6-9 pm

We were playing among the objects d' art at the Springfield Museum of Art --

what a treat! And speaking of treats...the food was outstanding...again!

Pearl Alley Farmers Market

Tuesday,August 28, 10:30 - 1 pm

Be sure to try one of MAMAW's Pies or a BBQ from the Queen Bee Restaurant!

Grandview Hts. Farmers Market Festival

Saturday, August 25, 10 - 1 pm

There was an abundance of great produce and people who enjoyed the music we shared!

Hocking Hills Market

 Sunday, August 19,  1 - 4 pm

The Market was busy and we enjoyed the day!

Bexley Farmers Market Festival

Saturday, August 18, 10 - 12 pm

Lots of new Main Street vendor were there. It was a cool sunny Saturday morning.

We opened for the Bexley String Band.

National Perennial Plant Association Tour & Dinner

 Wednesday, August 8, 5-8:30 pm

This was an international international crowd!  One of our CDs is on its way to Amsterdam.


Updated July 24, 2009