Loosely Strung is...  


...is a high energy acoustic band (with a little electric) with a 5-string banjo, guitars, harmonica, steel-top resonator guitar, lap steel, and an upright bass. Loosely Strung plays lively, traditional American music — Bluegrass, Folk, Country, old standards, a little Dixieland, and more. It is music you know – music you remember! There is an occasional original song, too…filled with clever lyrics, good stories, and catchy and memorable melodies. 

Loosely Strung started playing together sometime in early 2001…can’t really remember. The band just evolved as a result of participating in various central Ohio jam sessions. The band members bring personal musical experience to the group, having been in bands, choirs, and other musical groups in high school, college, and elsewhere.  Their musical backgrounds include family music, square dance band, jug band, song leading, gospel group, rock and roll garage band, and a blues group. You can occasionally catch a tune or two that has been carried forward to Loosely Strung’s eclectic and ever-growing playlist.  

In late 2005, they added playing for square dances to the list of options. Ted, with more than thirty years experience playing banjo and bass in Heritage, Gene Parson’s square dance band, provides the technical musical guidance. The Loosely Strung callers are ready to make it a fun experience for everyone regardless of whether it the group is beginners, well-seasoned dancers, or a mixture.

Loosely Strung enjoys playing for good friends, good causes, (and good food), and other interesting events — anywhere good pickin’ and good harmony are welcomed. The Cheshire Market, Pizza and Bait Shop in Galena is a favorite. They try to play there at least once a month except during the summer when their schedule is packed with farmers markets, parties, and community concerts.

Check their schedule to see where they are going to be so you can stop by and enjoy the music. Ted Christy, Dan Epley, Dean Gledhill, Jackie LaMuth are Loosely Strung.