Loosely Strung  Sound Clips

We hope you enjoy our
two CDs.  We recorded them in response to

requests from our friends who want to be able to enjoy

Loosely Strung musics between gigs.
Our CDs are available wherever and whenever we perform.
If you prefer we can send one or both of them to you

via the U.S. Mail for only $15 per CD
(and that includes postage and handling)!

Just send us an email and we'll work through the details with you.
Here are some samples of the tunes on our CDs.







Rt 23  --  Ted's original Song

My, My, My  (Ted)



Head over Heels (Ted)

Love, Please Come Home  (Dan)                                



I'll Fly Away (Dan & Jackie)

He's Gonna Marry Me (Jackie)



My Old Sweetheart  (Dan's original song)

Milk Cow Blues (Dean)



Blues Stay Away From Me (Dean)

50,000 Names (Dan)



Cuckoo (Jackie)

Grandfather's Clock -- an instrumental



Gold Watch and Chain (Ted)

Ticket to Ride (Dan & Jackie)



Battle of New Orleans (Dan)

Wagon Wheel (Dean)



Walking down this Country Road

(Ted's original song)

Hello, Mary Lou (Ted)



It's a Rocky Road (Jackie)

Matthew (Dan)



Lost Highway (Dean)

Rocky Top (Jackie)



I've just Seen a Face (Jackie)

Bonus Tracks:




     Gringo Christmas (Dan wrote this tune)




     The Miner and the Cat (Jackie wrote this tune)


         She's Not There (Dean)  


This isn't on either CD  but it is classic Ted.  Enjoy!
Hallelujah with Ted's comments




                                                                                    Updated October 19, 2008