We have two! Yes, we do!

Count them...one, two.

And it's all because of comments like:

You only have just the one CD?

If you had a second CD, I'd buy it! (this one inspired us.)

Hey, you guys aren't bad.  Are you going to make another CD soon?





1. Old Route 23                     

2. Head over Heels                

3. I'll Fly Away                    

4. My Old Sweetheart           

5. Blues Stay Away from Me

   6. Cuckoo
    7. Gold Watch & Chain

    8. Battle of New Orleans

 9. Walking Down this Country Road with You

10. It's a Rocky Road

11. Lost Highway

   12. I've Just Seen a Face





1. My My My
2. Love, Please Come Home            
3. He's Gonna Marry Me
4. Milk Cow Blues
5. Salty Dog
6. 50,00 Name
7 .Grandfather's Clock

8. Ticket to Ride  


   9. Wagon Wheel
  10. Hello, Mary Lou
  11. Matthew
  12. Rocky Top
    Bonus Tracks

        Gringo Christmas
        The Miner & the Cat                                     
         She's Not There


Updated August 28, 2008


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For bookings, email us at:


How much?    They are $10 each! (Is this reasonable or what?)

What if I buy both of them? Will you give me a deal?  Hey! $10 each is a deal.  Other groups sell their CDs for much more.  And, our new one...Not too tightly wrapped...has three bonus tracks. That's value!

Where can I buy your CDs? 
You'll find our CDs wherever we are (check our schedule)

Do you take credit cards?  Cash only!...maybe a check if we know you!

What about bulk orders?  I'm sure we can work something out with orders of 10 or more if you are serious about buying that many.

Can you mail one to me? 
Yes we can! After a few people contacted us saying they wished they had bought one when they heard us, we figured out how to do it. After all, it's all about keeping you happy! So, if you'd like us to mail you one of our CDs, let us know. Send us an email and we will get the order form to you. To keep handling and mailing costs as low as possible we accept only cash or checks (personal or business).

Remember, however, we really hope you'll buy one when you see and hear us. Check our schedule for where we will be playing next.