Bexley String Band
It's hard to say when it actually began...maybe around 1997 or 1998. It definitely started at the Radio Cafe in Bexley and Greg Hankins and Ray Pauken were the seasoned professionals who pushed it along during those early years. And then it started to grow.  The Bexley String Band is a loosely knit group of local musicians that attracts some folks with considerable professional musical experience, and others who are just learning how to play.  Stop by one of their regular locations and listen for awhile.  If you'd like to join them, stop by with your guitar, spoons, banjo, mandolin, or whatever next time you're in the neighborhood and introduce yourself. Caution: Acoustic and low keyed seems to be better these days.

he ever-changing Bexley String Band playing on city hall steps during the Bexley Farmers Market during the summer.



Find them on Friday mornings in or around the Radio Cafe on Main Street.


Jack, Cuz, and Liz playing at the Radio Cafe Friday mornings
Playing on the Bexley City Hall steps during the Bexley Farmers Market in the summer.


Above left: ..?... and Bob

Above middle: Friday morning
at the Radio Cafe

Above right: Jack, Dan,
and  Wilson

This Row:     Left: Cuz

Center: Al

Right: John and Barb

 Far left: John and Debbie
at the Bexley Farmers

  Middle left:
  Stephanie & Ted on
  Friday mornings at
  the Radio Cafe.

  Left: A chili morning at
  the Bexley Farmers Mkt. 
Jack, Mkie, Homer, Dave,
  and Ra

Here's an early shot of the BSB performing at the Bexley Labor Day Block Party with Al, Greg, Ray and many others. This was one of the group's first very public appearances!!!!

More early shots with Diane, Greg, Jackie, Don, Patrick, and Ted.  We played for a SWACO early morning
    pancake breakfast in late October.
   Ted was so cold he tried to play with his hands in his pockets!
The pancakes were hot and good!


Far left: Diane and Mike  (standing)
Liz, Homer, Ray, Dave, and Cuz (seated clockwise)


   The early days of Summertime Jamming outside on
 Thursday evenings at Johnson's Ice Cream Parlour  on
Main Street  in Bexley.  Ray  and Mike are in the middle

    of things with Tom, Bob, Liz and John,
    Homer,  John C, and Cuz.

Here's another shot from the side with
Greg, Tom, and Jack playing back up for
Mike, and lots of other people.  Tom took
  a break from the Mayor's cooking team
to join us.

In 2001 we played at the Franklin County Fair
under the "Big Top!"  That's Patrick, Al, Jackie,
and Ted.

An old shot of Ray showing Jackie some tenor
banjo tricks.  Long, long ago, Jackie and Mike S. took banjo lessons from Ray.

Right: Gussie counted more than 25 musicians who showed up to play for beans! The audience had fun and so did we.                          


More photos coming soon!  Send your Bexley String Band photos to if you'd like to share them here.

This page updated January 20, 2008